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  • ACM05015 BOSU
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1. Improve your balance

Wave speed ball is also called semicircle balance ball, as the name suggests, is a kind of exercise balance force equipment. Similar to putting a complete

The ball is divided into two halves and mounted on a base on a flat surface. The velocity ball has two sides, each side can be supplemented

Help fitness. When the sphere of the velocity ball is facing upwards, the ground is stable enough to perform a series of aerobic exercises on; When the sphere is facing down, 

you can do a balance exercise.

2. Train your core strength

In the process of fitness, there is no way around the exercise of the core muscle group, only the core muscle group is strong enough, the lower body can

The force felt from the ground is better conveyed to the whole body, for the completion of the movements such as running, jumping are very good, therefore, exercise the core

The importance of myocardial groups is self-evident. And the wave velocity ball can be a good way to strengthen the core muscle group, if done properly, can

Work your chest, shoulders, abs, etc., even better than a yoga ball.

3. Boost metabolism

In addition to improving the trainer's balance and sensitivity, as well as core muscle strength, it's done with a wave speed ball

Exercise, can also promote blood circulation, and then better metabolism, in unknowingly, immunity will be obtained

The ascension. Regular use of wave speed ball exercise, the trainer's movement strength will be effectively improved, the sense of balance of the body improved a lot,

Still can have the effect of shaping thin body

ACM05015 BosuACM05015 Bosu

ACM05015 Bosu

ACM05015 BosuACM05015 Bosu

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