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Stable Mat

ACM03009 Square-shaped Hammer cow mats

  • ACM03009 Square-shaped Hammer cow mats

ACM03008 Square-shaped Hammer cow mats

Surface: Square-shaped hammer pattern

Bottom: grooved 


Thickness: 10-30mm

Width: 1.7-2m

Length: 10m-40m

Insertion: polyester cloth

Other specification can be custom made


Hardness: 65+/5 Shore A

Tensile strength: 5-10Mpa


Cattle stall, pigsty, stables, pasture, livestock farm, laying on transporting cattle trucks,heavy industry work area, car box mat, wet place, etc


1. Surface design with high abrasion resistance, compression resistance and anti-slip resistance

2. The groove on bottom can increases the friction with the ground, which can also remove sewage and keep the ground dry.

3. The cow mat which can be Anti-fatigue and anti-bacteria, moisture-proof, cold-proof and epidemic prevention. The mat is easy to be cleaned and replaced, easy to be managed. It help livestock to create a safe, comfortable and clean environment.

4. Low investment and high return, the cow mat heat-insulation and cold-proof and moisture-proof which can save the cost of grass bedding. It is convenient installation,easy to be    cleaning. It has good effect on prevention of animal limb and hoof disease joint disease.

5. The floor laid by the cow mat is smooth, clean, comfortable and beautiful, which with good anti-slip effect. It also can avoid the cow slipping and falling, reduce the expenditure of medical expenses, reduce death rate of cow, and improve the milk production and economic benefits.

6.The elasticity and special surface design of the cow mat can provide health care massage for the cow and avoid fatigue when the cow stands for a long time

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