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1703-21 Artificial grass basement EVA mat and Grass tape

Artificial grass basement EVA mat  and Grass tape

Lawn tape instructions

1. Name: Non-woven single-sided tape

2. Material: This tape is a single-sided tape with a non-woven fabric as the substrate, a milky release film as the backing, and a hot-melt adhesive pressure-sensitive adhesive.

3. Features: strong adhesion, non-slip, increase friction.

4. Uses: It is affixed to the bottom of artificial turf, used for plastic turf seams, and has good adhesion performance on rough surfaces.

5. advantage:

Save time. It completely surpasses the traditional method of pasting lawns with glue. It does not need to apply glue to the entire lawn. It only needs to attach the lawn tape to the joint between the two lawns.

Cost savings. The lawn tape only needs to be affixed to the seams of two lawns, and the non-woven fabric at the bottom plays the role of anti-slip, which saves the cost of splicing tape and glue.

More convenient to carry. Lawn tape is generally 15cm wide, which is more convenient to carry during construction, and does not require a large roll of splicing tape or a bucket of glue.

6. Instructions for use: Put lawn tape on the place where the lawn needs to be pasted, tear off the release paper, and attach the lawn tape to the seam at the bottom of the two lawns, so as to bond the two lawns together and increase the lawn Friction at the bottom.

7. Common specifications: Grass tape1.5MM*150MM*10M 

EVA straw mat plays a cushioning role and has a good shock absorption effect.


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