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Gym Floor Solutions for athletes

Jun. 21, 2022

For surfaces that often hit the most extreme, AOCHEN is the elite gym floor solution for serious athletes.

Providing aggressive sound-absorbing properties to the GYM FLOORS helps to minimize interference to others, while protecting the subsurface and the athlete from the most repetitive exercise.

This rubber sports floor has:

Use rolled rubber flooring requiring elastic flooring to release your spatial potential, with solid recycled rubber and multiple colors proven to withstand the hardest space, home or commercial, indoor and outdoor, game room, basement, recreation, cave, utility room, mud room, dressing room, dog day care center.

Durable, from toolbox to treadmill, from spin class to hard pull, our large heavy duty rubber pads provide moisture protection to protect your home from weightlifting, animal care and super heavy equipment with ample grip and stretch.Is a good cushioning performance, shock absorption and wear-resistant rubber floor.

Smooth surface unrestricted, rubber floor padded rolls with the greatest versatility, easy to clean and seamless style, easy trim around walls, corners and objects, forming edge to edge padded surfaces allowing the device to move freely.

Changing each required space, the material makes them an ideal rubber pad for the garage gym floor with non-skid properties and customizable

Maintaining AOCHEN's outstanding anti-slip performance, this line ensures a safe surface for those athletes who break their fitness limits.Providing stability through our high traction surfaces ensures that athletes stay safe in the toughest workouts.


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