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Learn about the performance profile of rubber Products # Rubber # AOCHEN

Feb. 16, 2022

Learn about the performance profile of rubber Products

image.pngl Nititrile rubber (NBR) good air tightness, oil resistance, wear resistance, tear resistance and excellent functions.Suitable for oil sealing, liner, oil-resistant rubber pipe, conveyor belt, printing rubber roller, textile leather roller and other oil-resistant industrial products, etc.#NBR



 lThe comprehensive performance of butadiene rubber (SBR) is comparable to the natural rubber, while the abrasion and thermal aging performance are better than the natural rubber, and the natural rubber and a variety of synthetic rubber, good processing performance, is a kind of general rubber.It is mainly used in plywood, tires, adhesive tape, rubber shoes, and various industrial rubber products.



Learn about the performance profile of rubber Products

 lNatural rubber (NR) comprehensive performance is relatively comprehensive, with a very good wear resistance, very high elasticity, tensile strength and elongation rate.Mainly suitable for the manufacture of various sealing buffer washers, rubber pads, seals and floor decoration and paving.



Learn about the performance profile of rubber Products

 lTriplex ethylene and propylene rubber (EPDM) has heat resistance to ozone and weather-resistant aging, low temperature resistance, electrical insulation resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and other aspects of excellent resistance.Widused in construction, automobile, ship doors and window sealing, wire and cable, automobiles, motorcycle parts and other industrial products.



Learn about the performance profile of rubber Products

 l Fluorous rubber (FPM / VITON / FKM) is the best in all the glue, with excellent high temperature resistance and very good dielectric performance, as well as excellent oxidation resistance, oil resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other excellent properties.It is widely used in aerospace and aviation missile rockets and other scientific fields as well as industrial equipment, such as hose, seals, wires, diaphragm, tape and other products and anti-corrosion lining.#FPM#VITON#FKM


Learn about the performance profile of rubber Products

 Silicone (Q / SR) transparent non-toxic tasteless insulation performance, good processing performance.Widused in hose, tape, medical, food hygiene and other fields.



Learn about the performance profile of rubber Products

 lNeoprene (CR) ozone resistance, climate aging resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance, flame resistance, insulation and water resistance, air tightness, tensile strength and other aspects are better.Suitable for hose, tape, conveyor belt, wire and cable, air conditioning rubber products, as well as construction, ships, cars and other sealing products.




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