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Suitable for trailer / horse box floor and ramp protection.

Jun. 01, 2022

When you need to tow horses, you need strong and durable rubber mats.

Our horse trailer rubber mats was developed for this purpose.

This rubber mat features graphics for grip and large bars for stability, and your horse stays attention and arrives safely even under the most severe loads.

The large continuous ribs on its surface are designed to grasp the ground to improve traction.

AOCHEN rubber mats with a fluted pattern on the surface and integral rods (surfaces with stepped grip lines interspersed with large integral bars) provide excellent traction for maximum slip resistance when up and down,

Make it have an anti-skid foundation.

Rubber ramp mats (customizable), made of rubber, they do not absorb water, and will not support bacterial growth, so rubber ramp mats can be installed under any conditions without water.Because these mats can be rinsed with a hose or pressure cleaned in seconds.

An excellent product that has become a choice for many major horsebox manufacturers.

  • a. -Premium rubber used to make ponytail door mats provides maximum traction for horses in and out of the buoy.Less slips mean less harm to horses and handling procedures.Rubber mats also provide a protective barrier for protecting the surface of the ramp.

  • b. -Anti-slip "hoof-shaped" design helps prevent slips and falls that can cause injuries.

  • c. -Rubber is easy to clean and contains no fluids that may cause bacteria to breed infections.

  • d. -Impact-absorbing rubber can reduce the pressure in animals.

  • e. -Durable rubber surface protection reduces damage to ramps and floating floors.

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