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How anti-static mats protect the workplace?

May. 12, 2018

Investing in anti-static mats is necessary for both manufacturing facilities and office settings. Anti-static mat’s static dissipative matting protects electronics from ESD that may otherwise inflict damages on nearby surfaces and endanger employees. These mats remove the static electricity from individuals before they touch sensitive items. Business owners and facility managers often use static dissipative mats to surround sensitive equipment that could experience shortages. Our static dissipative anti-fatigue mats offer two-fold benefits: static control and comfort to reduce employee exhaustion.

In addition, anti-static mat’s non-conductive switchboard mats insulate and protect workers from high voltage equipment. Each of these mats is capable of absorbing over 30,000 volts of electricity, and are best placed in areas where high voltage machinery is used.

Placing an anti-static floor mat near equipment not only reduces the static from your office or warehouse equipment, but also keeps surfaces clean for a healthier workplace. Static electricity can magnetize surfaces, causing dust and dirt to accumulate on equipment and surfaces nearby – including the carpet fibers underneath.

How anti-static mats protect the workplace?

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