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AOCHEN Playground Rubber Tile

Sep. 27, 2019

The playground rubber tile is composed of two layers of different density materials. The color surface layer is made of fine rubber powder or fine rubber wire and colored by special process, and the bottom layer is made of coarse rubber powder or rubber particle or rubber wire. The product overcomes the shortcomings of various hard floors and floor tiles, and allows the user to be in a safe and comfortable physiological and psychological state while walking and moving, feeling comfortable and relaxing. The sports ground paved with this product not only can better play the skills of the athletes, but also minimize the damage that may be caused to the human body by jumping and instrument movement. Laying this product in elderly and children's activities can play a good role in protecting the safety of the elderly and children. Its biggest features are anti-skid, shock absorption, wear resistance, anti-static, no return light, good hydrophobicity, weather resistance, anti-aging and long life.

Material: Recycled rubber granules.

Pattern: Plain or Customized.
Color: black/grey/blue/red/green/yellow/other.
Certification: EN1177 & PAHs
We can custom-made according to customers' requirements. 

Playground Rubber Tile

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