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The benefits of using cattle stable mat

Jun. 02, 2018

In the UK, a dairy cow's average working life is around four lactations; unfortunately, some cows are subjected to unacceptable conditions that lead to a shorter production period. Poor housing can have an adverse effect on a cow's health and welfare, with one of the major considerations being the floor.

These features make cattle stable mats ideal for cow handling:

1. Non-Slip Surface

Rubber mats not only minimise the risk of slipping, they also increase a cow's stride and step length. Cows prefer rubber mats as softer floors are similar to their natural habitat - grassy fields. Cows become more active as they take longer and more steps per day.

2. Provide Cushion and Support

The new cattle mats can prevent foot and joint disorders that can occur when a cow regularly stands for a prolonged period of time on a hard surface. They can also absorb noise from animal movement and machinery.

3. Excellent Insulation

The installation of rubber mats significantly reduces the cold and humidity from the base flooring; its insulating properties help to protect cows against rheumatism and fatigue.

4. Hygienic

Rubber mats are easy to clean and disinfect- they are non-porous and do not retain moisture. They also have better waste drainage which ensures better sanitary conditions.

The benefits of using cattle stable mat


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