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Classification Of Hypalon Rubber Sheet

Jul. 20, 2018

The hypalon rubber sheet are classified according to the thickness of the coating, and there are preparation plates and analysis plates; according to the specifications, there are silica gel G, silica gel H, silica gel GF254, silica gel HF254, etc., the models are different, and the amount of gypsum contained therein is different, mainly in the viscosity of silica gel. The consistency is different, and the higher the gypsum content, the more viscous. Generally, the viscosity of silica gel H is relatively loose, and silica gel G is relatively moderate. According to the molding process, the silica gel plates on the hypalon fabric sbr rubber sheet manufacturer are mainly divided into two types, a molded silica gel plate and an extruded silica gel plate.

1. Molded silica gel plate

The molded silica gel plate has a fixed length and width and a fixed size. It is a silica gel sheet formed by high temperature vulcanization and a silicone mold, and its area is limited. The advantages are good raw material quality, stable production, uniform size, good control of hardness, color and raw material grade; disadvantages are uneven thickness and high cost, 2-3 times of extruded silica gel plate, and low output.

2. Extruded silica gel board

The extruded silica gel plate can be cut freely or several meters together. The extruded silicone sheet is made of an extrusion molding machine like a ribbon. The advantages are high output, uniform thickness, high maneuverability and production speed, and low cost; the disadvantage is that the die needs to be matched later to cut a specific shape.

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