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New product promotion

Nov. 23, 2017

In November, we launched two new kinds of transportation products, three kinds of rubber anti-slip mats and a sort of Safety Garden Play mat. These products have the characteristics of wide market application, good material and reasonable price.

rubber anti-slip mats

First, Star Pickets, we also called star pickets steel or Y-posts-without-teeth. It is made of low carbon steel, rail steel. Features its three-pointed star shaped cross section. The tapered ends make it easy to be installed. Withstand the extreme weather and high wind forces.

Second, Rubber Fender D type, we can call D rubber fender, D type boat rubber fender strip, or D marine fender. With reaction force its energy absorption is higher that of cylindrical type, it can be installed and replaced easily.

Third, Three kinds of Anti-slip rubber Mats, also called Anti Slip Rubber Roll Matting, Anti Slip Rubber Garage Floor Mat, or Rubber Drainage Floor Mat .It is Widely used in public places, such as gym, office building, school, community center, supermarket, airport and so on. This product has many good characteristics, such as certain elasticity, impact resistance, fatigue resistance, wear resisting, anti-static, water deliver, also has good anti-skid effect, reduce the slip damage.

Finally, EVA Safety Garden Play Mat, or Swimming Pool Mat, Non-Slip EVA Foam Hole and Non-Slip EVA Hole Mat Bathroom. We can use at many play fields. It is easy to clean and install. Large interlocking tabs ensure secure footing.


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