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Feature Of Checker Plate Rubber Sheet

Jul. 28, 2018

1. When the checker plate rubber sheet is molded, it is not able to eliminate the cohesive force prepared by the elastic body after being pressed by a large pressure. When forming the mold, it tends to produce extremely unstable shrinkage (the shrinkage rate of the rubber varies depending on the rubber type). ), it takes a while to be gentle and stable.

2. Rubber is a hot-melt thermosetting elastomer, and plastic is hot-melt and cold-set. Because of the different types of sulfides, the temperature range of the curing of rubber is also quite different, even due to climate change, indoor temperature and humidity. Therefore, the production conditions of rubber products must be adjusted at any time. If not, the quality of the products may be different.

3. The product of fine ribbed rubber sheet factory is a raw material made from rubber raw materials and mixed with rubber. The rubber compound is used as a raw material according to the characteristics of the rubber product required, and the required hardness of the product is determined. The product is molded and molded by a rubber flat vulcanizing machine. After the product is formed, the burr is finally processed to smooth the surface of the product without burrs.

Checker Plate Rubber Sheet


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