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How much do you know about rubber truck mudflaps?

May. 02, 2018

The rubber truck mudflaps help to keep a truck camper from moving within the truck bed and is a highly recommended item for most truck camper rigs. A rubber mat also helps to protect your truck bed if it doesn't have a liner.

Rubber truck mudflaps address a different need. On a rig traveling without rear mud flaps, rear truck wheels pickup and throw water and road debris into the rear overhang skirt of a truck camper. While highway driving, this water flies off the tires at near-hurricane speeds potentially causing all kinds of problems.

Unless you have a truck camper without a rear skirt, we strongly recommend rear mud flaps for your truck. The only possible exception would be molded fiberglass truck campers that cannot rot or de-laminate, but even then there’s no sense in subjecting your camper skirt to unnecessary water and road debris.

To keep things simple, if your camper overlaps, get rubber truck mudflaps.

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How much do you know about rubber truck mudflaps?


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