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Rubber Tile

Rubber Tile Solution

Feb. 21, 2020

1) Playground rubber tiles can be customized to whatever you want, such as color, size, etc.
1. You can use playground rubber tiles to decorate your backyard, or even to pave the playground for kids.
2. You can combine their colors as will to lay out the pattern you want.
3. Playground rubber tiles can play a great role in damping vibration.
4. If you want a place for leisure and sports, and also ensure its safety, choose AOCHEN playground rubber tiles.

Rubber Tile Introductions and PavingRubber Tile Introductions and PavingRubber Tile Introductions and Paving

2) The following is the playground rubber tiles paving notes:
1.New cement pavement: Keep the surface smooth and parched,If laid on sand or soil, it should be flat.
2.The surface should be kept smooth.Pick out the cement or lime which contains acid and alkali substance to avoid the acid and alkali reacting with rubber tiles when washing or raining.


Rubber Tile Solution


Rubber Tile Solution


Rubber Tile Solution

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