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Sports Rubber Flooring

1401 Speckled Rubber Tile

Ultra-Durable Rubber GYM Flooring

Specification: 1000*1000*8mm-40mm 500*500*8mm-40mm

Material: Recycled Rubber, EPDM Flecks

Color: Black SBR (fine particle/coarse particle) with different color EPDM Flecks (Red Blue White Green Orange)

Installation: Can be laid loose due to their weight or fitted within a border or applied to a solid base with a commercial grade adhesive.

Maintain: Sweep with a soft bristled broom or cleaned with a vacuum.

Application: GYM Floor, Fitness Center; Leisure Center, Entryways; Play areas, walks and driveways; Horse barn aisleways; Breeding barns, paddock areas; Wash stalls, winner's circle, etc.


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